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3D GIS system & UAV & Aerial Camera

TJH DP-Modeler


     Digital Photo Modeler (DP-Modeler) is a rapid and precise 3D modeling software based on   multi-images. It allows to performance

     3D modeling by integrating data from oblique photography, MMS and aero-triangulation.

     In addition, the DP-Modeler provides various modeling tools and allows to observe models from different views. The objects can be

     modeled with accurate dimensions and precise positions in DP-Modeler.

     It is highly recommended as the solution in modeling of large scale of smart-city, completion surveying,

     mine surveying and other applications.

     The single model can be established in 3 minutes based on high-resolution images from aerial and UAV by integrating particular

     algorithms in DP-Modeler. Moreover, the DP-Modeler makes use of advanced technology to generate high-precision models that

     fulfill the standard of large-scale map production.


3D Modeling Based On Oblique Photography



                                                                                                3D Modeling Based On Oblique Photography



                                                                                                         3D Modeling Based On Lidar


3D Modeling Based On Integration of Aerial and Ground Images





Topographical Modeling


                                                       Automatically generating topographical 3D models based on digital images.





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