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The UltraCam Osprey Prime II combines two cameras in one photogrammetric housing.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the UltraCam Osprey Prime II combines a high performing photogrammetric nadir camera (PAN plus RGB & NIR) with oblique capture capabilities (RGB) in one single housing.

Best efficiency using the full swath width of the nadir cone (13,470 pixel) in conjunction with the perfectly configured oblique image overlap.

Ideal for 3D urban mapping as well as photogrammetric applications that include cadastre, infrastructure planning, DTMOrtho or textured DSMOrtho generation.

Its best-in-class flight collection efficiency is also reflected in a more economic flight planning through its wide nadir footprint.

The ideal oblique tilt angle of 45° guarantees a well-balanced resolution throughout the entire image, even with vertical surfaces such as facades.

Custom electronics provide a frame rate of 1.75 seconds per frame allowing for maximum flight speed of 192 knots at 10 cm GDS and 80% forward overlap.

Reliable extraction of objects for topographic maps are supported through the near-infrared channel.

The intuitive end-to-end UltraMap workflow features color-balancing and de-hazing of nadir and oblique imagery as well as the ability to automatically generate 3D cities.