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3D GIS system & UAV & Aerial Camera

This terrain building product merges aerial photos, satellite images, and digital elevation models of different sizes and resolutions into a photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain database.


TerraBuilder Benefits


Draw together data in a wide range of formats, coordinate systems and spatial resolutions

  • TerraBuilder can support data import in a wide range of formats, merge data of different resolutions and sizes and then re-project them into a common reference projection. TerraBuilder fuses all imagery sources into a seamless mosaic that is draped over the respective elevation model.


  • Minimize disk storage and network bandwidth

  • TerraBuilder compresses your multi-resolution data into a single stream-optimized file to minimize disk storage and network bandwidth requirements.


Save time by streaming aerial and elevation data in their native formats

TerraBuilder, with the DirectConnect component, saves time and resources by skipping the MPT 3D terrain database creation altogether and streaming the native data (e.g., ECW, Mr. SID), using the TerraGate server, to TerraExplorer and TerraExplorer Pro users.


TerraBuilder DirectConnect uses TerraBuilder fusers to exploit the combined computing power of any available server-side computers. This provides scalability for the resources needed to handle the performance-demanding workload of on-the-fly 3D terrain database creation.


Enjoy near real-time updates

With TerraBuilder DirectConnect component, once an updated image or elevation source is available, it can be loaded in a TerraBuilder project and be immediately available, in 3D form, for clients to work with over the network.


Process gigabytes of source data into a single 3D database

The TerraBuilder Multi-Processor extension enables every computer on a network to be used for MPT creation, adding distributed computing power to the 3D terrain generation process. TerraBuilder Multi-Processor Edition reduces your production time by an order of magnitude.


Manipulate your data sources to your specifications

With TerraBuilder, you can adjust a source’s dimensions, resolution, color parameters and elevation, as well as easily clip the section of the source you want included in the final project.


Bring your TerraBuilder applications to all your potential clients in the global village

Localization tools simplify the translation of user interface text and graphics.


Easily access, manage and organize your raster, feature, and 3DML layers by connecting to the TerraCatalog database

TerraBuilder users can easily find the geographic data required for a project by querying TerraCatalog, a catalog database that stores, organizes and manages connections to all your data sources, located on a local disk, on the network, on Oracle or on an SQL Server. In addition to loading catalog layers into a project, TerraBuilder users can bind a project to the catalog. In this case, every layer or project loaded into a project and all modifications to the project are automatically updated to the catalog every time the project is saved.


Troubleshoot and keep track of core functionality events

The TerraBuilder log records and displays warnings, messages, and errors.