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3D GIS system & UAV & Aerial Camera

CityBuilder merges 3D mesh models together with classification layers, and/or other model layers into a multi-resolution and stream-optimized 3D Mesh Layer database (3DML) that not only provides a photo-realistic 3D visualization but also supports complex data discovery.


 CityBuilder Benefits


Minimize disk storage and network bandwidth

  • CityBuilder compresses your multi-resolution data into a single stream-optimized file to minimize disk storage and network bandwidth requirements. Support for multi-threading allows full utilization of computer resources.


  • Easily access, manage and organize your raster, feature, and 3DML layers by connecting to the TerraCatalog database

  • CityBuilder users can easily find the geographic data required for a project by querying TerraCatalog, a catalog database that stores, organizes and manages connections to all your data sources, located on a local disk, on the network, on Oracle or on an SQL Server.

In addition to loading catalog layers into a project, CityBuilder users can bind a project to the catalog. In this case, every layer or project loaded into a project and all modifications to the project are automatically updated to the catalog every time the project is saved.