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3D GIS system & UAV & Aerial Camera

PhotoMesh revolutionizes the use of geospatial data by fully automating the generation of high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models from standard 2D images.


 PhotoMesh Benefits


Automatically process 3D models within minutes or hours

PhotoMesh integrates a proprietary, GPU-based, fast algorithm, able to automatically build 3D models from simple photographs.


Use standard photography equipment and techniques

PhotoMesh supports a wide range of cameras, including mobile phone, compact digital, DSLR, photogrammetric, and multi-camera systems, so no costly or specific equipment is necessary for the acquisition step. PhotoMesh can process still photographs or extracted video frames from digital video cameras.


Process massive projects with an unlimited number of photographs

Multi-core and multi-computer processing can be utilized to accelerate database creation and publishing of huge data sets. Using additional reconstruction engines, up to 60 gigapixels of input imagery can be processed a day.


Create true to life 3D models

PhotoMesh builds true-3D (as opposed to 2.5D heightmaps), high-resolution, and photo-textured models, which comply with reality to an unmatched extent.


Generate photorealistic 3D models of entire cities, smaller urban areas, or of individual buildings, landmarks, or objects

PhotoMesh can turn various image sources (aircraft, helicopter, UAV, street-level, etc.) into a consistent 3D model encompassing all scales, from large-scale relief to finer details of man-made and natural scenes.