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3D GIS system & UAV & Aerial Camera

The TerraGate component provides the following services, via the TerraGate server:


TerraGate Terrain Service

Quickly make geospatial data accessible to others

The TerraGate Terrain Service is a powerful network data server technology designed to stream 3D geographic data in real-time. In conjunction with TerraBuilder, TerraDeveloper, and TerraExplorer Pro, the TerraGate Terrain Service enables a geo-referenced backdrop for clients' web-based applications.


Share masses of geospatial data stored on various servers without significant hardware or network system expense

The TerraGate Terrain Service client-server model is optimized to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing virtually unlimited sized databases in low-bandwidth situations, giving each user uninterrupted viewing.


Provide your users with a smooth, seamless viewing experience

The TerraGate Terrain Service differs significantly from video streaming technology in that it is not affected by latency or breaks in connectivity. Once users have received the initial scene in low-resolution, they can begin accessing the 3D environment without waiting for entire frames of data to display.



TerraGate Internet License Service

Enable users to overlay unique, proprietary information onto 3D terrain maps

The TerraGate Internet License Service allows the generation of specific and targeted flying experiences in real-time, by enabling the TerraExplorer Viewer that serves as a SkylineGlobe viewer when embedded in a SkylineGlobe web package, to provide advanced API capabilities.


This enhanced functionality enables the users of these applications to dynamically add and edit 2D, 3D, and advanced elements to the 3D world and load imagery, elevation, and feature layers.



TerraGate Collaboration Service

Enable users to collaborate in analysis of geospatial data

Using the collaboration tool in TerraExplorer users can create collaboration sessions and invite remote participants to share the 3D experience.