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New features in SkylineGlobe Web Package v6.5.1

Upgrade your SkylineGlobe Web Package to the latest v6.5.1 release now.

  SkylineGlobe Web Package v6.5.1 Release Notes

New features
  • Upgraded to support nearly all of the v6.5 TerraExplorer features:
    • 3D mesh layer (3DML) loading, analysis, and spatial querying.
    • All the new TerraExplorer analysis tools.

New features in SkylineGlobe Web Package 6.1

  SkylineGlobe Web Package v6.1 Release Notes

New features
  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Ribbon control
    • Context sensitive tab
    • SkylineGlobe menu
    • SkylineGlobe Project Tree
    • Maximized 3D View
    • Customizable logo/ data-provider
    • User login integrated into ribbon
  • Analysis Tools
    • TerraExplorer analysis tools available to SkylineGlobe users
    • New area measurement tools
    • Viewshed analysis along a route
  • Enhanced Capabilities
    • Create and play presentations
    • Create movie from presentation
    • Extended navigation options
    • Navigation tools
    • Screen overlay
    • Environmental effects
    • Users and roles
    • Unified search tools
  • Advanced Capabilities Available to TerraExplorer Plus Users
    • Import all supported feature layers
    • Import all supported imagery and elevation layers
    • Draw and edit all 2D and 3D shapes
  • Advanced Capabilities Available to TerraExplorer Pro Users
    • Query and edit feature layers
    • Publish offline kits
    • Advanced drawing tools
  • SkylineGlobe 2D Map
    • Portability and compatibility
    • 2D Map tools
    • Screen overlay
    • Integration in SkylineGlobe WP
    • 2D Map ribbon
    • 2D Map Project Tree
    • Switch between 2D-3D modes
    • Mobile 2D Map
    • SkylineGlobe 2D Map API
  • SkylineGlobe Manager
    • Enhanced customization